Monitoring Ambient Air 2013

Air Quality Monitoring
New Technologies, New Possibilites

Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th December 2013

Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BA

The book of abstracts and presentations from the above conference can be downloaded below. Some presentations from the conference have been refused permission to publish for legal reasons. Please contact us if you require information on a particular presentation that is not shown.

  Conference Booklet of Abstracts                                                                                              
Presentation Title Author
  35 Years Ambient Air Monitoirng – from (supposed) Old Chestnuts to New Challenges
Ulrich Pfeffer 
  Assessing Health Effects of Air Pollutions: Implications for Air Quality Monitoring
Michal Krzyzanowski 
Visiting Professor,
Kings College London, UK 
  Everybody is Measuring Air Quality: What Now?
Peter Van Breugel 
Rijnmond, The Netherlands 
  Air Quality Monitoring in Schools and Community-Wide Environmental Education
Zoë Fleming 
National Centre for Atmospheric Science,
University of Leicester, UK 
  Mobile Monitoring of Air Quality in the City of Rotterdam
Marita Voogt 
T N O,
Utrecht, The Netherlands
  Raising the Evidential Value of Air Quality Compliance Monitoring
Sarah Moller 
University of York, UK 
  Mitigation of PM2.5 in the UK
Mathew Heal 
University of Edinburgh, UK
  Strengthening the Links Between Air Quality Emissions Inventories and Ambient Measurements
Tim Murrels 
Didcot, UK 
  Comparison of EC/OC, BC and PNC at an Urban Site
Martine Van Poppel –
V I T O 
Mol, Belgium
  Detection of the Freshly Nucleated Aerosol Particles 
Minna Vakeva – 
Airmodus Ltd 
  Comparing Black Carbon Monitors as Emplyed by Different Measuring Networks
Philippe Maetz – 
Belgian Inter regional  Environment Agency 
Brussels, Belgium


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