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The Automation and Analytical Management Group (AAMG) is a Special Interest Group of Analytical Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). It's main activity is the organisation of lectures, symposia and similar events which address topics of current interest in the practice, automation and management of analytical science. Events sponsored by the Group are often held in conjunction with a Region or another Group of the Analytical Division, or with other relevant organisations having objectives that are consistent with those of the RSC. Our primary objective is to extend the knowledge, understanding and application of advances in analytical methodology, regardless of whether they are used in the laboratory, on-line in the process industries, or in the field. The Group is currently active in a number of topics which are listed below. The committee welcome suggestions from members regarding new topics that the Group might address, or for additional contributions or collaborations

Specific topics of interest to the Group:

  • Automated analytical and process chemistry
  • Ambient and workplace air monitoring
  • Developments in the application of mass spectrometry
  • Laboratory Informatics, including the derivation of knowledge and management information from analytical data
  • Quality assurance and validity of analytical data
  • Management of analytical laboratory operations

AAMG Committee

Elected Officers:

Chairman Dr. Mike Sargent LGC
Vice-Chairman Mr. John F. Trigg  
Honorary Secretary Dr Alan Braithwaite  
Honorary Treasurer Dr R Narayanaswamy  
Archivist Mr Derrick G Porter  


Committee Members:

Dr Mike Ford  
Mr. Ken J Leiper Benson Associates
Dr Craig Roxburgh MOD Portsmouth
Dr Mark Baron University of Lincoln
Dr Lara Kelly Markes International Ltd.
Dr Bill K Young GlaxoSmithKline R & D, Applied Technology Group
Dr Chris Walton Cranfield University
Dr Nicola Watson Markes International Ltd.


Scientific Advisors:

Dr Paul Quincey Environmental Standards, National Physical Laboratory
Dr Kevin Saunders Keris Ltd.
Dr Gary Fuller King's College, London
Dr Peter Woods National Physical Laboratory
Dr Theo Hafkenscheid RIVM/LVM, Netherlands


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