Monitoring Ambient Air 2015

Monitoring Ambient Air 2015

Air Quality Monitoring 
Evolving Issues and New Technologies

Conference with Exhibition and Posters

held on 9th & 10th December 2015
at The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London


A Conference Report   by Alan Braithwaite

A two day conference organised by the AAMG (Automation and Analytical Management Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry)

Approximately 77 delegates attended the conference including 20 from Europe and 1 from the USA. Three exhibitors were also present with demonstrations of monitoring instruments and data collection and analysis software and live online sampling and data collection from a monitoring vehicle parked outside in the Burlington House parking area.

The conference included five sessions:

– Vehicle Emmisions in the Real World

– Vehicle and Shipping Emissions

– Urban Vegetation as a Means of Reducing Exposure

– Ultrafine Particles

– Monitoring Technologies – Recent Developments

The afternoon sessions ended about 4 pm for tea, 'networking' and visiting the exhibits. This proved most successful with delegates remaining until at least 5 pm.

The programme mainly featured issues relating to vehicle and marine emissions which as it happened was quite topical given the outline plan for the conference was developed six months previously.. The rising concerns of ultrafine particles was also discussed. This was supported with presentations on the composition of pollutants, their distribution in cities and the wider environment and the merits of various sampling and measurement techniques. Ecological aspects were also mentioned together with the potential value of vegetation and trees in reducing pollution levels. Recent developments in sampling procedures, monitoring technologies, recently developed techniques and measurement issues were addressed in the final session

The conference was held in conjunction with DEFRA’s Air Quality Expert Group.