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Monitoring Ambient Air 2017

Air Quality – the wider picture
Current Issues and New Technologies

Conference with Exhibition and Posters

Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th December 2017

at The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London


2017 has seen issues relating to poor air quality continue to remain high on the public and political agendas. While there is general consensus on the benefits of reducing ambient concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and particulate matter, there are many open questions about the priorities for maximum health benefits, the changing sources of these pollutants, and the best ways to reduce exposure to the public. All these questions need to be addressed using reliable evidence.

Building on the success of this long-running annual event, this conference will present an update on a range of relevant topics. As in previous conferences, the presenters will include internationally recognised experts, and there will also be opportunities for a range of contributed talks and posters, providing a broad and up-to-date survey of the measurement, regulatory and scientific issues affecting air quality.
The conference will again be held in collaboration with Defra's Air Quality Expert Group, and will include sessions based on recently-published AQEG reports, and topics AQEG are currently scoping, to help gather relevant evidence. These sessions are expected to focus on effects on air quality from biomass burning, shipping, and assessing the effectiveness of local scale interventions such as traffic controls and Clean Air Zones. 

Call for Papers

Papers are especially invited on the following themes to be presented orally or as posters:

  •        Air quality measurement technologies:

Recent developments, such as real-time PM speciation, low cost sensors and remote sensing (including satellites and open path measurements).

  •         Effectiveness of local scale interventions:

Methods for assessing the effectiveness of interventions such as traffic controls and Clean Air Zones, and case studies. Studies from outside the UK will be particularly welcome.

  •         Biomass burning:

Studies relating to emissions from industrial and domestic biomass burning, and their effect on air quality.

  •         Shipping and aircraft:

Studies relating to emissions from shipping and aircraft, and their effect on air quality.


A one page (A4) abstract, in the format below, of the proposed oral or poster presentation must be provided by 22 September 2017. Authors will be informed of the Scientific Committee's decision by 13 October. The committee's decision is final.

Authors of papers selected for oral sessions will be included in the conference booklet. Papers not chosen for an oral presentation may be included in the poster sessions and in the poster section of the booklet. The format for producing the abstract is available on the AAMG web site. Abstracts in other formats will not be considered.

Contributions should be forwarded by email to All authors and presenters will be provided with details of administration arrangements and requirements for presentations.


Companies who wish to exhibit at this conference are requested to contact the conference secretary at for further details. There will be opportunity for exhibitors to deliver a short (5-10 mins) presentation at this conference.

Poster Abstracts

If you are interested in presenting a poster at the conference please email a one page (A4) abstract,in the format below, of the proposed poster presentation to

Scientific Committee

Alan Braithwaite, AAMG-Royal Society of Chemistry, UK; Gary Fuller, King's College London, UK; Paul Quincey, National Physical Laboratory, UK; Karl Ropkins, University of Leeds, UK.

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